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YouTube to Acquire Twitch

YouTube to Acquire Twitch?

Variety and The Wall Street Journal are reporting that Google’s YouTube is planning to acquire Twitch, the popular video game-streaming company.

The internet’s reaction to the reports have been largely dismissed as rumors – but what if it isn’t?

Lets take a look at the possible pros & cons of YouTube’s acquisition of Twitch and what it means for users.


  • If you use Twitch, you’ve probably noticed that streams aren’t always great. Either the streams are poor quality or they are constantly getting disrupted. Twitch would benefit from a better infrastructure – meaning faster and more stable streams and ads.
  • Speaking of ads, if you’re a streamer you might see some increased income come your way. Google pays better than Twitch when it comes to streaming ads. This could become a major selling point to sway popular streamers to commit to Twitch streaming.


  • You’ve got Google’s infrastructure and network. This is bad because we’ve seen what a mess Google has made of YouTube’s forced integration with Google+ and commenting system. It’s safe to say that the Twitch and YouTube chat will essentially become Satan’s playground for trolls.
  • Copyright officially becomes a thing. It’s no secret that many streamers use licensed materials on their streams so I’m sure the copyright system will make it’s way into Twitch streams. You could expect to see many streamers shut down or hit with the ban hammer based on the whims of nearly any company – similar to the copyright issues that plagued many YouTube channels in recent past.

YouTube’s acquisition of Twitch isn’t official yet, but the above is certainly a possibility of what could be. It’s safe to say that if YouTube’s current infrastructure, and copyright policy is any indication of what could spill over to the Twitch community – users are in trouble!