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Why You Should Be Making Videos On Social Media

Why You Should be Making Videos on Social Media

As we embark into 2014, video sharing will continue to be one of the more dominate trends in social media.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to to share information and educate your following. When done effectively, videos can boost brand awareness for you or your business, and also help increase engagement.

Here’s why you should be making videos on social media in 2014:

  • Making videos will give you or your business a personality
  • People will revisit and share your videos if they are interesting, informative and unique
  • They provide value to your followers by educating them with information they normally wouldn’t read
  • Creating videos about a certain topic or niche will build your presence as an influencer or expert
  • Videos can boost website traffic compared to other resources and referrals.
  • Making videos are practically free and easy to do!

With so many social media networks that utilize video, it’s important to choose the right one for the most effective message. Here are some basics tips for creating videos in conjunction with the popular social networks that utilize videos today.



  • Features the ability to create a 15-second, non-looping video that can be to be shared over networks
  • Create videos that answer commonly asked questions or promote contests, giveaways and events


  • Features the ability to create 6-second looping videos that can be to be shared over networks
  • Create videos that will entertain, as vines tend to be more snappy and memorable.


  • Allows you to create up to 20 minutes of High Definition video
  • Create videos that encourage your Facebook fans to share, and engage with your brand page.

Google + Hangouts

  • Google + allows for live stream videos through YouTube
  • Create hangouts to live chat with other users and followers. (Also beneficial for Google search results!)

These are just a few ways to effectively create videos within the many different social networks that utilize video. Try experimenting with different forms of videos, and you’ll discover which networks work best for your needs. The overall goal is to increase  your presence online by sharing your content.