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What I Like About The Sims 4

Electronic Arts recently announced the next installment in The Sims series entitled “The Sims 4”. The game is said to be released sometime in 2014 and will feature new tools that will allow players to customize every aspect of their Sims and their environment.

Not having played a Sims game since the original release a number of years ago, the gameplay trailer for the The Sims 4 has sparked my interest for a number of reasons. Are these reasons enough to make me want to purchase the game when it is released? It’s too early to say, but there are a couple of features about the upcoming title that may sway my decision.

What I Like About The Sims 4

  • They Look Just Like Me- The ability to customize your Sim in a variety of ways with ease looks absolutely incredible. By dragging your mouse across a certain body part you can customize a Sim to your specific liking. Oh the possibilities!
  • Sims with Attitude- You will also have ability to choose a personality for your Sim. This will be portrayed in how they act, move, and express their emotions in game. Needless to say, this could be hilarious.
  • The Feels Bro- For the very first time, your Sim will display emotional depth. Your Sim can experience 15 different emotional states. All of which can be influenced by other Sims – just like in real life! These emotional changes can occur through actions, events, memories, or even from the clothing and objects you choose for your Sim. The emotional depth could make for some very interesting gameplay and “storyline” experiences.
  • McMansions- The Sims have stepped up their game when it comes to building homes. This time around players will utilize a more powerful building mode to construct dream homes with less effort than ever before.

So from customizing your perfect Sim to building unique homes, the Sims 4 has the potential to gain the attention of fans like me who might have strayed from the series.

Of course for those who still have yet to notice The Sims 4 – maybe this “customizing feature” will help:

What I Like About The Sims 4

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