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Using Pinterest for Business

Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is one the most important social networks that all business owners should be a part of. With millions of daily active users, using Pinterest for business is a no brainier for not only increasing the awareness of your products, but increasing sales as well.

The skinny on Pinterest is that that majority of it’s users are in fact female. This is actually a good thing for your business, because females have a very large part in household spending decisions. It’s actually a mathematical fact. (Ex. Anything a female wants to buy > anything a male wants to buy = Every time).

So basically if your business can appeal to the female Pinterest user – you could reap some major benefits!

Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

  • Pin things that are relevant to your business and products.
  • When pining your products make sure they have a price tag.
  • Run fun and exciting contests to increase user engagement.
  • Keep your boards organized and clean.
  • Utilize your other social networks to drive traffic to your Pinterest boards.
  • Follow the boards of your competitors and learn from their habits.
  • Promote your own products just as much as your promote the products of others.
  • Do not over over-pin. You do not want to be labeled as a spammer.
  • Create multiple boards to highlight specific products, and services.
  • Use Pinterest EVERY DAY.