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Unboxing the Xbox One

Microsoft released a video today unboxing the Xbox One. Larry Hryb, also known to many gamers as Major Nelson, took point in the video showcasing the system itself, and its accessories.

Inside the Xbox One box you will find the console itself, the Kinect sensor, one controller, one 4k capable HDMI cable, the console’s power supply, chat headset, and console paperwork.

If you purchase the Xbox One Day One Edition – your box will include a few extras, such as a chrome-plated D-pad controller, a token code to unlock the Day One achievement, and an Xbox one sticker!

The Xbox One will include HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports, three USB 3.0 ports, an ethernet port and IR ports for the Kinect sensor. The console will also contain a 500 GB hard drive and an 8-core x86 processor.

Nelson stated that Microsoft made over 40 design improvements to the controller, including redesigned thumb sticks, new menu and view buttons, remodeled triggers and bumpers, and  “impulse triggers” to change the way you game.

There is still no word on an exact release date for the Xbox One, but it will be available sometime in November at a price of $499.

Xbox One Unboxing