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Top 4 Most Interesting Viral Video Campaigns

Top 4 Most Interesting Viral Video Campaigns

What sets viral videos apart from other ad campaigns is their ability to interact with and entertain their audience. A good viral video campaign will invite others to participate in the fun that it creates. Yes, it serves the purpose of advertising a product or a concept, but it does so through connotation more than anything else. Instead of just promoting something in general, these marketing campaigns show how a product or an idea can be used effectively. Here are four great examples of interesting campaigns that have taken off (some quite literally into the sky) recently:

1) Harlem Shake

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the Harlem Shake phenomenon. It was perhaps the biggest viral video campaign of 2013 and it helped to promote workplace unity and support for businesses of all kinds. While the concept for this didn’t originally go viral as a part of an ad campaign, it was eventually adapted for those purposes by several companies such as eBay, Vimeo and Google. This helped to promote the image of these businesses by giving them a chance to participate in an internet phenomenon and showing off how laid back and fun their company can be.

2) Baby Attack

Babies work notoriously well on the internet. Of course, this isn’t your average baby. In order to promote the movie Devil’s Due, 20th Century Fox had an animatronic baby built to go around the streets of New York scaring random passers by. They then video taped the reactions and edited them into a viral video which now has millions of views. What better way to promote a scary movie than by scaring people on the street?

This campaign worked as well as it did because the marketing team behind the concept did a good job of targeting the right audience. Reaching your target audience is incredibly important when crafting a viral video campaign, and it’s pretty easy to see that they have done just that with this baby attack video. Perhaps as a result, the film made back double its budget and was fairly successful during a time of year when films typically struggle in theaters.

3) Baby & Me

Speaking of babies, Evian recently banked on these adorable little guys in a big way by crafting a new ad campaign known as “Baby & Me.” The ad features a group of people noticing that their reflections make them look like babies, inspiring all of them to dance. The company even crafted a mobile app for the campaign that allows users to turn themselves into babies, just like they saw in the viral video ads.

Their bid at going viral was so successful that the most recent ad from Evian is a movie tie-in with the blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Needless to say, these little tykes have won the hearts and minds of internet viewers everywhere once more. By combining the cute factor of babies with the power of social media and mobile technology, Evian has created a powerful advertisement that will sell their product well.

4) Superman With a GoPro

Talk about your underdog stories! A little production company known as Corridor Digital crafted an amazing video that not only showcases the power of the GoPro, but also shows off what their company is capable of. In the video, Superman himself returns a GoPro camera to its owner by strapping it on his head. However, before he can return the camera, he has to save a few people and stop a crime or two in progress.

The power of this video lies in its ability to not only show off what their production company can do by targeting a market that is familiar with superheroes. Everyone knows who Superman is, and many of us have wondered what it would be like to be in his shoes. By giving the world that opportunity, these guys have created a viral video campaign that not only promotes their work, but also promotes products such as the GoPro and Dronefly drones.

They utilized both technologies alongside others in the industry in order to produce a realistic vision of heroism that anyone can enjoy. Working with other companies, as Evian did with Sony Pictures, can sometimes result in an excellent viral video campaign that will benefit all parties involved.

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