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The Power of Visual Social Media

The Power of Visual Social Media

In my experience with social media, there is no other medium that is more appealing to people than visual content. In fact social media now is becoming a predominantly visually based community. If you’re a local business not harnessing the power of visual social media in your posts – now is the time to get started.

How You Can Harness The Power of Visual Social Media

Share your message visually. If you can share your message visually instead of verbally – do it! Sharing your message through means of pictures, images, infographs, videos, graphics, comics, animations, and vines will trump basic text posts any day of the week!

Create unique visual content yourself. Creating your own visual content could be a challenge if you are artistically inclined. If that’s the case, think about hiring a local graphic designer for a project.

Have people create visual content for you. Do you have a decent following? Run a contest that involves your fan’s artistic ability to create something for your business.

Tell people a story. Pictures are literally worth more than a 1000 words. Images that tell a story are the best kinds of visual content, because they illicit an emotional response.

Tease with text. Give your audience just a little bit of text on the visual content you share. Sometimes a small caption, description, or even a call to action can get someone’s attention.

Spread the love. Once you have some type of visual content you want to share – make sure you do it across all of your social networks. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and especially Pinterest.