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Social Media Tips for 2015

Social Media Tips for 2015

“New year, new me,” is the attitude most people strive for as we reset the calender. That same attitude should be applied to your social media habits. Here are some social media tips to keep in mind for 2015:

Post Smarter: One of my more popular posts in 2014 was a graphic I created: Think Before You Post. This graphic still holds true as we enter the new year. Before you ever share anything online, whether it be a blog, a simple update or even a hashtag it’s important to consider what’s going on in the world and whether or not your fans or followers might become offended. Sometimes even the simplest mistake, or error can damage your brand and make you seem out of touch.

Stay Secure: With the recent Sony hack still making headlines, it’s no secret that one of your first priorities of 2015 should be to update all of your passwords. If you run a business, keep track of who has access to your social media accounts. Designate only your most trustworthy employees to manage your social media accounts and keep those accounts password-protected.

Use More Photos: Social media has become such a visual powerhouse that we can expect this trend to continue this year. If you’re looking to increase the engagement on your posts – think about using pictures.

Grammar Matters: If you’re not speaking the language correctly, people are not going to take you seriously, or even understand you for that matter. Proper grammar is important and can really showcase your intelligence online. Do yourself a favor and take a second to proofread each post/update/tweet for spelling and grammatical errors.

Try Something New: Business owners – posting only about YOUR COMPANY is so last year! This year try to vary the things you post about to draw more people into your company’s brand. Sharing some funny videos, or pictures of things happening at your business along with your normal posting routine can do a lot! Posting a variety of things without straying too far from your social media strategy will not only bring in new followers, but create a unique personality for your business.

Prepare yourself with these tips in 2015, and show the interwebs the “new” you.