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Social Media Spring Cleaning

Social Media Spring Cleaning

With spring officially underway, now is a better time than any for a bit of social media spring cleaning.

Social Media spring cleaning refers to the annual habit of updating, organizing and reviewing all of your social networks. When was the last time you’ve performed some sort of maintenance on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages? It’s probably been a while!

So this year make sure you pay special attention to the following tasks:

1. Change Your Passwords

Your passwords are the gatekeepers to your digital life, so make sure you change them often. Pick something that nobody would ever guess! (No, 123456 is not a good password.)

2. Review Your Networks Policies and Privacy Settings

Social Networks are frequently updating their policy and privacy settings so it’s time you took a minute to actually read them. Unless you don’t care about how many strangers can access your selfies.

3. Revoke Permissions to Apps You No Longer Use

Remember that app you used only once that required you to log in through your social media account? Well if you no longer use it, you should probably revoke that application’s permission as it can still access all of your personal data.

4. The Friend Purge

It’s time to remove your Ex-spouse’s, cousin’s friend as a contact on Facebook- unless of course you are best friends with that person. What’s the point of staying connected with people on Facebook that are not actually your friends. Do you enjoy reading posts about people that you don’t even care about?

5. Unlike Facebook Pages You No Longer Enjoy

The pages you like on Facebook affect what appears on your newsfeed. Make sure that you actually like all the pages you currently do, and remove those pages that you are no longer interested in.

6. Organize Your Twitter, and Google+ Followers Into Lists/Circles

As more and more people follow you on Twitter, and Google+ it may get difficult to remember how you met them and what your connection with them truly is. On Twitter and Google+ make use of the network’s respective features such as lists and circles. These features will help you organize your followers by association and interests.

7. Update Your Social Media Profiles

Did you find a new job in the last year, or move to a different state? Make sure the information displayed on your social networks are up to date and accurate! This is especially important if you use LinkedIN.

Happy Social Media Spring Cleaning!