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Social Media Marketing Key to Small Business Success

Social Media Marketing Key to Small Business Success

Outsourcing social media marketing may seem like an expensive move. Why pay another entity to do your social media marketing when you can do it yourself? Social media platforms are easy to access, plus your small business can benefit from the budgeting of marketing efforts.

It is a popular belief that your budget for marketing largely dictates its success. There is some truth to it if you base it on the success of large and established brands. But the dynamics are different with small businesses. Social media marketing is relatively less expensive and more accessible to almost anyone. Still, spending on outsourcing social media marketing can save you money and time.

Investing in your social media marketing can reap benefits a hundred fold. Take the example of Coconut Bliss, an emerging organic ice cream company based in Oregon. As a small business, they carefully studied social media marketing in propagating their customer base. They monitored the development of social media from 2009 to 2013. They effectively tapped into social media marketing by posting enticing photos of their customers eating their products, and formed a partnership with VegNews for contests and promos to widen their fan base. In addition to that, they kept their website robust by updating their customers of their social responsibility efforts through their newsletter. Coconut Bliss is the quintessential example of a small business that grew because of strong social media marketing strategy.

Small businesses can certainly take off from that example, and it will be more streamlined and enhanced if you outsource social media marketing. While accessible and user-friendly, keeping up with social media takes time and effort.

A comparison of two versions the Conversation Prism will give you an idea of the complexity of the webs and mini-webs involved in social media. The Conversation Prism was created by Brian Solis, a digital analyst of Altimeter Group. Solis created a much simpler Conversation Prism in 2008. There were only five brands under the Video category. In the 2013 version, there are 13 brands under this category. Solis also added four more categories. A comparison of both categories also depicts the dynamic and fleeting nature of social media. New social media brands quickly rise to fame just as easily as old ones disappear. Given the fast-paced movement of social media, outsourcing social media marketing will ensure that a separately-hired contractor will fully focus on monitoring the movement of your brand. Consequently, your in-house employees can focus their energies and resources on other things.

Social media monitoring and implementation has its own set of analytics, different from that of traditional marketing. When you outsource your social media marketing efforts, you can choose a team that’s aware of ever-changing social media trends and has the right competencies to respond to those trends based on the customer’s needs.

By outsourcing social media marketing, you will save money, time and energy. Your employees can focus on their main tasks while the outsourced entity handles the complexities of various social media platforms.

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