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Posting Proficiently on Social Media

Posting Proficiently on Social Media

Posting proficiently on social media is a sure way to maximize user engagement for you and your brand. Use the following guidelines on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest to increase the engagement you have with your current audience.


Be Positive: A positive post will bring you positive engagement, and sharing opportunities.

Be Resourceful: Provide a link in your post to enhance the user engagement experience.

Be Informative: The posts that attract the most attention are the ones that provide value.

Be Visual: Want you post to be shared with others? Use an interesting image!

Be Engaging: Talk to the people who are engaging with your post. Comment back, and discuss!

Be Timely: Post when people are most active on Facebook.


Be Aggressive: Tell users to follow, RT, or check out your links.

Be Short: Save character space by shortening the URL links you tweet.

Be Punctual: Just because it’s Twitter, does not mean punctuation and grammar does not exist.

Be Influential: Mention others to have them engage with you.

Be Supportive: Retweet people who share similar interests, and who retweet you.

Be Proper: When you engaging in trending topics, make sure to use proper hashtag etiquette.


Be Inclusive: When posting on Google+ tag people and brands to increase engagement.

Be Relevant: Post about things happening now to generate user comments and discussions.

Be Big: When sharing images, make sure they are big, bright, and full sized.

Be Unique: Animated gifs are allowed on Google+, so use that to your advantage.


Be Vertical: Pins that are vertical in orientation are repinned more than pins that are horizontal.

Be Colorful: Pins with lots of colors have a better chance at being repinned than those without.

Be You: Pin, and repin things that you like and define YOU.