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NYCC 2008 Slideshow

One of the most talked about geek conventions on the east coast is New York Comic-Con. My first visit to NYCC as an attendee was back in 2008, and I had an absolute blast. During my 3 day trip I was blown away by the amount of people in attendance, the awesome memorabilia displayed, the cosplayers, the panels, and of course the celebrities! I wanted to revisit and share my adventure to NYCC with you here on my site.

The video above is my NYCC 2008 slideshow, which is a compilation of some pictures I took during my first visit to New York Comic-Con. Below I highlighted some of the more notable photos I took with celebrities during my time there. Check it out!

Notable Celebrity Pictures

Robert Catalano and Sean Schemmel

This a photo of Sean Schemmel and myself at the Funimation booth. Sean is a voice actor for a number of of English versions of Japanese anime and video games. He is most known for voicing Goku, the main character in the hugely popular Dragon Ball series. Sean is the most friendly and down to earth guy you could ever meet – and he loves to talk! I spoke to him about his role as Goku in the Dragon Ball series, his relationship with other members, and some of my other favorite animes he had voiced in the past. Speaking with him you could totally hear the hint of Goku in his everyday voice. I grabbed this picture with him, and he signed a very cool Goku centric postcard that the Funimation booth was giving out to attendees.

Bill Hader and Robert Catalano

This is a picture of Bill Hader and myself by artisit’s alley. He is most known for his work on Saturday Night Live, as well as other acting, and voice acting roles in major motion films. Bill is a huge fan of comics, and I caught him walking around the convention hall randomly. He was nice enough to stop and chat with me for a while, and pose for a picture. He is a tall dude in person! He is definitely one of my favorite SNL cast members.

Robert Catalano and Milo Ventimiglia

This is a picture of Milo Ventimiglia and myself at his signing booth in the dealer’s room. Milo is an actor most know for his roles in the TV series Gilmore Girls, Heroes, and for playing Rocky Balboa’s son in the movie Rocky Balboa. I met him as he was signing posters to promote his up-coming comic called REST. Milo was a very cool guy to meet in person. His demeanor was laid back and classy – the ladies in line behind me were clearly going crazy for him. I had a short chat with him about his work on Heroes and his plans for future projects. I ended up leaving his booth with this sweet picture and a really awesome signed REST poster, which is now framed in my room.

Robert Catalano and Peter Fernandez

This is a picture of Peter Fernandez and myself at his meet and greet booth in the dealer’s room. Peter is a voice actor most famous for voicing Speed, the main character in the 1967 anime Speed Racer. He was one of the kindest people I had ever met. I’m fortunate that I was able to meet this legend before his passing  in 2010. I was able to pose for a photo with him, and walk away with a signed Mach 5 model.