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Nintendo is Coming to Universal Theme Parks

Nintendo is Coming to Universal Theme Parks

It’s a gamer’s dream come true – Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts have announced a partnership to bring the world of Nintendo to Universal theme parks!

The partnership plans to include “major attractions” at Universal’s theme parks around the world, featuring Nintendo’s “most famous characters and games.” No characters or franchises were named outright in the announcement, but I think it would be safe to assume that characters from Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda will likely be included.

This is very exciting news for myself personally as I’ve always been a fan of what Universal theme parks have to offer. Since the creation Universal’s Islands of Adventure – I’ve always talked amongst friends about what it would be like to have a “Nintendo” themed world. Well now it’s actually happening!!

Universal Studios theme parks have been known to create incredibly popular, innovative themed family entertainment experiences based on compelling stories and characters – using powerful storytelling and innovative technology. Now together with Nintendo I have no doubt in my mind that Universal will create remarkable and imaginative worlds that will include all of our favorite Nintendo characters, and themes. (Toad House Refreshments? Legend of Zelda Potion Drinks? Mario Kart Racing? Oh the Possibilities!)

As of right now the details are a little light, but more announcements will be coming in the future as the Nintendo and Universal creative teams begin to work on specific concepts.

Now that Nintendo is coming to Universal theme parks around the world, what rides or attractions would you like to see?