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LinkedIN Group Etiquette

LinkedIN Group Etiquette

Are you part of a group on LinkedIN? If so, what made you join one – better yet what made you leave one?

Typically when users join groups on LinkedIN, their intent is to connect with professionals in the same industry or similar interests, share content, search for answers, post or view jobs, and establish themselves as industry experts. Although sometimes these intentions are severely unfulfilled due to poor LinkedIN group etiquette from other members and maybe even by YOU!

LinkedIN groups are meant to be a place for professional growth and building connections. Groups in which members overwhelm the community with posts that focus on soliciting others, or spamming irreverent content essentially destroy the sanctity of the group for both current and potential members.

So what are some guidelines for good LinkedIN group Etiquette?

Good LinkedIN group etiquette:

  • Post blogs that are beneficial to group members.
  • Post Relevant industry news.
  • Answer questions that other members have asked.
  • Promote discussion by commenting on other member’s posts.

Poor LinkedIN group etiquette:

  • Posting anything that looks like an advertisement or promotion
  • Soliciting to members that never asked to be contacted.
  • Posting irrelevant content just to get noticed.

Try these techniques within your LinkedIN groups, to not only help yourself but to teach others as well!