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Is Your Start-up Social Media Ready

Is Your Start-up Social Media Ready?

So you’re thinking about using the internet and social networks to promote your new business – that’s great! But is your start-up social media ready? Before you start using social media as a marketing tool, think about assessing your start-up’s social media readiness first.

Ask yourself the following questions before taking the social media plunge:

Who is Your Target Audience?

What type of people are your goods or services are catered to? When you first came up with the idea for your business, you probably already had a picture of who your customer base would be. It’s important to create a specific demographic and profile for the customers you want to market to.

Can You Sum Up Your Company’s Identity in One Sentence?

As in, what do you want people to remember about your company the most? It’s important that you leave your customer base with or key takeaway they can easily remember you by. Whether it be a slogan, a specific product or an image you must create a lasting message that your audience will recognize when they interact with your company on social media.

How Do You Want People to Find Your Business Online?

Think about the key search engine terms and phrases that people will use to find your business. You will want to make sure your website, as well as your social media networks are optimized for these terms. Utilizing specific keywords across all networks will greatly augment your business’s internet visibility.

What Topics Are Your Customers Interested in Reading About?

Your social media marketing strategy must include creating content that will interest both current and potential customers. Establishing a customer base, and having them share your content are crucial for any start-up to succeed on social media. Think about learning the basics of posting proficiently on social media.