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How to Write Awesome Status Updates

How to Write Awesome Status Updates

Status updates – every network seems to have them, but are you utilizing them effectively? If you want to get the attention of your audience, learning how to write awesome status updates across all of your social networks is a must!

Status updates that are interesting, propose a question, share a tip, or include an image are just some of the best ways to capture the attention of your audience and increase engagement.

How to Write Awesome Status Updates:

  1. Sharing Articles:  The attention span of your audience is on a steady decline – meaning you have one sentence to make it count. Take the most profound sentence in the article you are sharing and make it your update to tease readers enough to click your link!
  2. Ask a Question: Everyone has an opinion/answer for everything – and they’ll be happy to share it with you. Asking more questions in your updates are a great way to increase engagement.
  3. Give a Shout Out: People love shout outs! Tag people or pages when sharing their content – they’ll thank you for it.
  4. Share a Friendly Tip: Sharing useful tips that people can actually use in their everyday life are a very effective way getting people to share and spread your update with others.
  5. Use Images: Never underestimate the power of visual social media. Pictures that are bright and eye catching will stop even the fastest status update readers in their tracks.
  6. Calls to Action: There is nothing wrong with asking people to engage with you. Posts such as “Follow me on Twitter” or “Read my blog” usually tend to get good responses.
  7. Be Honest: Updates that tell it like it is are a great way to attract attention. Telling people how you really feel about topics can stir emotional responses from others. Regardless if their reaction is positive or negative – it’s engagement non-the less.
  8. Add a Hashtag: Pretty much every social network utilizes hashtags now. Use hashtags in your updates to increase the reach of your audience, and attract new followers.
  9. Use Shorter Links: On certain social networks like Twitter – you only have so many characters to get your message across. When sharing a link on a social network with limited character space use link-shorteners to make your updates briefer and more shareable.
  10. Taking a Break from Writing Awesome Status Updates:  Don’t post too much! You want your audience to come back for more, so try to limit your posts to 2-3 times a day max!