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How to Use Photos to Increase Social Engagement

How to Use Photos to Increase Social Engagement

Want to increase your social media engagement? Share more photos! Photo sharing has been proven to be the best way to generate more engagement with your fans, customers or targeted audience.

Unfortunately it’s not just about posting a series of cute puppy pictures on your social networks to gain some attention. Think about incorporating the following techniques into your visual content strategy:

1. Tell a Story

Fans and customers love a good story so allow your photos to do just that! Whether it be the history of you or your business, your present or even your future, show your audience instead of telling them. Great stories have been told through pictures since the days of cave painting – it’s no different now.

2. Audience Participation

Include your fans in your photo strategy. Create photo sharing events, and contests that allow audience participation. It’s a fun and easy way to increase engagement simply by having your fans do all the work!

3. Show Your Personality

Th best way to showcase the personality of a business or entity is to showoff it’s inner workings. Share pictures of the workplace, the employees, and every day happenings. This will give some insight to your audience about how things are run!

4. Be Unique

Visual content is ultra successful when it’s unique and creative. There’s no point in sharing a picture that has already gone viral – especially if you’re already late to the party. Think out of the box, create your own unique photos and you’ll manage to grab your audience’s attention quickly.

5. Tug on Those Emotional Strings

Pictures can literally speak a thousand words, and illicit many different types of emotions. Whether it’s laughter, or sadness, use pictures capable of grabbing users’ attention by appealing to emotions.


By learning how to use photos to increase social engagement you’ll manage to:

  • Connect with your audience on a new level
  • Increase the chances of having your photo content shared
  • Learn more about what your audience likes and dislikes
  • Increase social engagement on your social networks