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How to Increase LinkedIN Engagement

How to Increase LinkedIN Engagement

Are you seeing a lack of engagement with your LinkedIN network? Well you’re not alone, but you also may be to blame. Don’t wait around for people interact with you! You must be the catalyst for engagement. Follow these simple tips to increase your engagement on LinkedIN!

How to Increase LinkedIN Engagement

1. Utilize Your LinkedIN Page: Your LinkedIN page is similar to Facebook and Google+, as you have the ability to share news, and engage with other via status update. Use these updates often to gain the attention of network connections.

2. Take Notes From Others: Do you admire the engagement of another? Well take notes, and follow in their footsteps! Learn how they engage with others, and follow their posting habits. Practice these actions within your own network.

3. Use Pictures: Never underestimate the power of visual social media on any network. Adding pictures to your status updates will produce high amounts of engagement within your network.

4. Ask for Recommendations and Start Discussions: There is no better way to increase engagement on LinkedIN than by asking for it. Ask friends, classmates, and colleagues for recommendations, and start discussions that promote engagement.

5. Share Your LinkedIN Page Everywhere: Add a LinkedIN widget, or button onto your website, and e-mail signature. Promote you page across your other social networks as well!

6. Stay Relevant: Staying relevant means logging in everyday! It should become routine, to keep your content fresh, and engage with the posts of others in your network.