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How to Handle Negative People on Social Media

How to Handle Negative People on Social Media

You have to have tough skin when it comes to sharing your content on social media. Everything you post will not always elicit a positive reaction from fans and new visitors. That’s why as a business owner it’s best to know how to handle negative people on social media.

There are two types of negative people on social media. The first are people who have had one or more negative experiences with your brand or business and the second are trolls. People who have had a bad experience with you have the potential to be persuaded back into the good graces while the second are impossible to please and out to deliberately provoke you and your fans. Both types are handled differently.

Negative Experiences: Fix the Problem.

If you come across one of these people – deal with them as soon as possible. They are the type to spread negative content about your business to their entire network. Whatever the issue may be contact them and and listen to their feedback. It’s entirely possible that you actually were to blame for a bad fan/customer experience.

Always make sure negative comments are dealt with in a positive, empathic manner. If the opinion of the person you are dealing with does not change, at least you’ve neutralized situation by dealing and addressing the issue head on.

Trolls: Don’t feed them.

Trolls exist to cause havoc and frustration. They will do and say anything to provoke some sort of emotional response from you. They think you are always wrong, your posts are a waste of time, and they want nothing to do with you. Yet they always come back for more.

Creating a conversation with a troll to fix a problem or issue will get you nowhere. Anything you say will usually only feed their hate and it’s a discussion you can’t win. So it’s best to not to pay any attention to them. Don’t delete their negative comments, just ignore their remarks and allow them to make a fool of themselves on their own. By reacting, you’re giving them what they want.