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How to Create the Nerdy Bar of Your Dreams

How to Create the Nerdy Bar of Your Dreams

Having your own bar is becoming a must have feature for your home or apartment. For those who are trying to personalize their own bar by bringing in their favorite fandoms, here are some awesome items I found while searching on the web (all pictures link to their sources):

The Simpsons

Love the Simpsons? Of course you do! Well why not incorporate Homer’s favorite bar into your own bar?

For starters, you can put a mini version of Moe’s Tavern right on top of the bar.
(Moe would need to be purchased separately)

You can also have a great poster on the wall, paying homage to one of the best episodes:

Star Trek

If you’re looking for more posters to decorate your walls, these are great for Trekkies:

Star Wars

A big fan of Star Wars? Well check out these bar stools and accessories, perfect for any Star Wars fan:


Game of Thrones

Speaking of accessories, if you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones you can show your loyalty to House Stark, House Lannister, or House Wine with these glasses and charms:

Video Games

Are you more of a fan of video games? Check out these Etsy items:

Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans will find these items pretty chill (terrible pun, but let’s go with it):

Comic Superheros

Looking for bar accessories? I thought these were pretty Super:

And last but not least, every bartender need a great “chemistry set” for making hip cocktails:

Looking for more ideas on how to create the nerdy bar of your dreams? I have an extended list of more awesome items on my Pinterest board! Make sure you check it out!

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