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How to Create Google+ Collections

If I had a dime for every time someone said “nobody uses Google+” I might just be the new owner of the largest search engine company in the world. While this may be a “popular” opinion, it seems to starkly contradict the 540 million active monthly users Google has claimed its social network has. This would make Google+ the second most used social network, behind Facebook and its 1.44 billion monthly active users.

So while many people feel that Google+ should just fade away, Google feels otherwise and has decided to add more to it, as shown by the announcement of their new feature Google+ Collections.

What is Google+ Collections?

Google+ Collections is a new feature that allows you to group your posts by topic. These posts can include text posts, videos, links, images, and more. The features works very similarly to Pinterest in that you can create a “collection” for any specific topic. Within these collections, you can include posts you have made, images you have uploaded, links to articles, and more that pertain to that topic. Again, it’s basically like creating a “board” on Pinterest. You also have the option of making your collections on Google+ public, private, or available to a custom set of people.

How to Create Google+ Collections

For starters you (and/or your business) should be active on Google+ with a completed and verified profile – even if you are against the network. In my opinion I think that any time you can utilize Google’s products within your marketing efforts, you’re on the right track. Although Google has never confirmed that their search results favor their services or products over others, they obviously have a vested interest in their own endeavors. (Keep that in mind.)

So with Google+ Collections – you have to start posting consistently and regularly. The Collections feature will be of no use to you or your audience unless you have posts, pictures, videos, etc. on your page. The categories of the collections you use will depend on the type of content you are posting. For example, if you write about Social Media tips every week, then you could create a collection for Social Media tips that contains all of the posts, pictures, and blog post links that you have made involving these tips.

You can also utilize Google+ Collections by highlighting a sponsor or fan of yours every month and create a collection titled something like “Our Favorite Sponsors” or “Fan Spotlight.” Also If you own a business that is involved in events and charities within your community, then you could create a collection to categorize any posts about the events, links to the events’ websites, and pictures of your staff getting involved.

How to Create Google+ Collections

Google + Collections is definitely a neat feature – take advantage of it today!