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How Much Does Google Know About Me

How Much Does Google Know About Me?

It’s no secret that Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is also the world’s most successful data accumulation company ever. Google has been compiling data on its users for years. The amount of data they have accumulated is enough to build a comprehensive profile about who you are, where you go, what you do, and what you view online. What’s more interesting is that all of this information is available for you to view online at

How Much Does Google Know About Me?

Without getting into too much detail here some things you can find out about yourself – courtesy of Google.

GMAIL: Google can track the number of emails in your account since it was first opened. Google also stores every Gchat conversation you had been involved in.

CONTACTS: Google knows all about the people you email the most. Heck they even know about your old college buddy that you’ve been chatting with for a couple weeks now – he’s currently your number one most contacted.

YOUTUBE: Google lists all of the videos you have been watching on YouTube. That’s a lot of cat videos!

GOOGLE PLAY: Do you download a lot of apps from the Google store? Don’t deny it – Google knows.

GOOGLE SEARCH: If you think that tracking the type of queries you type in Google’s search bar is bad, they also know the time of day you search the most.

ANDROID DEVICES: Your mobile device isn’t safe from Google either – specially if you have an Android phone. They keep track of all the synced Android devices you own.

PASSWORDS: Is Google Chrome your default browser? Well Google knows the number of website passwords that are saved in Chrome’s Browser.

DOCS: Do you create, store and view important documents on Google Docs? Sure you do! Google knows how many you have on file from yourself and from others.

WEBSITE ANALYTICS: It’s nice to know you that you can use Google Analytics to track how many people visit your own website. It’s also nice to know that Google keeps track of this data for themselves as well.

PHOTOS: Albums, photos, favorites, your galleries URL – it’s all there.

LOCATION: You can run but you can’t hide! Google can use your mobile location to find exactly where you are, and where you’ve been.