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How Artists Can Utilize Social Media

How Artists Can Utilize Social Media

One of the many benefits of working in the social media industry is that you meet a lot of artistic people. These artists have the ability to showcase their artistic talents through many forms of display including photography, art, graphic design, modeling, so on and so forth. Although these artists may have brilliant and creative minds, they sometimes lack the ability to fully utilize social media to their advantage.

How Artists Can Utilize Social Media

If you’re an artist looking to utilize your own work through social media, make good use of the following networks.

Through Pinterest:
Pinterest should be your bread and butter if you are trying to share your work through social media.  With over 48 million users on Pinterest – creating a visually attractive portfolio is all it takes to make a name for yourself.

  • Also make sure you have a blog on your actual website, and have your website linked up to your Pinterest account.
  • Post unique and relevant content on your blog at least three to four times a week.
  • Understand the best practices for Pinterest to help you succeed!

Through Twitter:
You should make good use of Twitter images, as you can showcase your latest work through a simple tweet.

  • Also make sure you are attracting the right type of followers – as in people who are ACTUALLY interested in your work.
  • Interact with these followers, and tweet at least two to three times a day while utilizing hashtags.

Through LinkedIN:
LinkedIN is where you should look for professional contacts to enhance your network.

  • Connect with professionals in your field, and learn from what they do, and how they do it.
  • Join groups and communities to share your work, as well as receive professional feedback.