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Geeky Jerseys

Geeky Jerseys

What happens when you combine sports jerseys with your love for geek and pop culture?

You give birth to the most INCREDIBLE piece of sportswear ever created – Geeky Jerseys!

Geeky Jerseys are unique hockey jerseys based off movies, TV shows, comic book characters, and video games, that are personalized with your name and number.

Hailed as the the tuxedo of geeks that can be worn for any occasion, Geeky Jerseys make it easy for you to literally sport your geeky fandoms on beautiful designed hockey jerseys.

I own a Geeky jersey of my own, (Link 4.0 – below) and it is absolute PERFECTION. Let me tell you that this isn’t some cheap glorified sweater. This is a legit handcrafted work of art. I’ve honestly debated framing my jersey instead of actually wearing it. That’s how impressed I am with the work done by Geeky Jerseys.

Link 4.0

Link 4.0.1

Link 4.0.3

The only frustration you may have with Geeky Jerseys is deciding what jersey you actually want to purchase from them. There are so many AWESOME designs and themes to choose from – Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Doctor Who, the list goes on!

I can absolutely validate the fact that these guys are obsessed with creating the perfect jerseys, so I strongly suggest following their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with news and new designs – you don’t want to miss out when new jerseys become available!

Now if only the Hyrulians can make the NHL next year so that I can root for them and my Rangers of course.