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Facebook Now Lets You Search For Specific Posts

Facebook has updated the functionality of their search toolbar by allowing you to not only find people and pages, but also specific posts from the past. It’s a feature that has been long over due if you ask me!

Here’s how it works:

Facebook Now Lets You Search For Specific Posts

The image on the left shows the results you would get if you searched for your friend Jessica. While in the image to the right, if you searched for Jessica’s wedding – Facebook will search full posts for keywords containing “Jessica” and “wedding” and hopefully along with the result you were looking for.

While the update is certainly exciting it also means you and others have the ability to quickly bring up entire post histories on Facebook. If you are concerned with that I would suggest making sure your privacy settings are in order and that your future posts are only viewable to your friends.

You can also limit how far back other users can explore your timeline. To do this go to settings, then privacy and choose “limit past posts.” This will then change anything that was public or shared with friends of friends to “friends only.”

On a side note – Facebook also announced that they are making graph search mobile. So now those search features you could only do on your computer, such as searching for friends of friends who work at Gamestop, will be available to you from your phone.

Both of these updates will roll out this week on iPhone and desktop.