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Epic Custom NES Consoles

The original Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the greatest pieces of gaming technology for me when I was young. Now, as a grown man-child at 27, I have a whole new reason to admire the classic NES courtesy of Ryan Kirkpatrick (Platinumfungi) & Jared Smith (Custom NES Guy).

Ryan and Jared are two individuals who specialize in video game hardware modification. Together they are responsible for creating some of the most EPIC custom NES consoles I have ever seen in my life.

If you are unfamiliar with what NES modification is – it’s a way for gamers to make their consoles more aesthetically pleasing to the eye by changing the console’s look. In Ryan and Jared’s case this includes using professional automotive-grade paint, decals, custom painted controllers, and built-in back-lights!

Yes, back-lights! Not only does it look amazing, but according to Ryan this feature is a very laborious process. The cut out designs on top of his systems are all cut by hand using a dremel tool, file, and sandpaper. So without the aid of lasers cutters or professional machines you could how imagine how much hard work and dedication is actually put into these console designs.

The dedication on Jared’s end comes from his experience as automotive refinisher for over 15 years. He gives consoles a professional automotive-grade paint job from a carefully chosen palette of colors. Every inch of the console is custom painted including the console’s controller plugs!

Allow me to show you some of these Epic Custom NES Consoles.

Backlit Mega Man 2 NES – 25th Anniversary Edition


Backlit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES


Backlit Legend of Zelda NES

Epic Custom NES Consoles Zelda