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Enhancing Your LinkedIn Experience

Enhancing Your LinkedIn Experience

With about 350 million users currently on LinkedIn worldwide, the site has become a premiere hub for professional resources and networking.  However, it’s safe to assume that not every single person is using LinkedIn to its maximum potential. If you’re one of those people that may have strayed away here are a couple of things that you can do to get back on track and enhance your LinkedIn experience.

Keeping Your Profile Up to Date.
Your LinkedIn profile represents the “professional” you. It also represents the first impression you will make with someone else on LinkedIn. Failing to add a professional photo or completely filling out your basic information, work history, and skills will have an impact on how other users perceive you. Updating your career advancements and achievements throughout the year is also extremely important. Sometimes having an out-of-date profile can be worse than having no profile at all.

Joining Groups Can Help You Make New Connections.
Becoming an active member within LinkedIn Groups can generate new connections for you without much effort. By simply engaging with others, you will help enhance and build your reputation and increase your professional reach. The more you engage the more you will be viewed as an expert in your field and contribute to discussions with your peers.

Give and Receive Recommendations.
One of the greatest things about LinkedIn is the ability to give and receive professional recommendations. Legitimate recommendations provide social proof that you really live up to what your profile suggests you to be. They are also one of the most concrete ways for other users to visually witness written referrals by peers, previous employers or customers. Remember to return the favor whenever you are being recommended by others!

Never forget that the purpose of LinkedIn is to represent yourself in a professional manner and showcase your skills effectively. Implementing these tactics will allow you to maximize your professional perception and reach, overall enhancing your LinkedIn experience.