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Dealing With Bad Online Reviews

In today’s age of Social Media, online reviews can either be your best asset or possibly your worst nightmare. If you own a business, a negative review can taint your reputation and be the factor that drives a customer away and into the lap of your competitor’s. But fear not – even if your business has received some harsh reviews on sources like Google+, Facebook or Yelp, it doesn’t have to be the end all be all for your online presence!

Actually read what the reviewer has to say: Maybe, just maybe it is you and not them! Read over your most negative reviews while looking at your business objectively to see if the comments have any merit to them. Don’t just assume the reviewer is angry, idiotic or misinformed. If they are speaking intelligently and bring up some valid points about how your business is run, take them seriously and try to implement some policies that address those issues.

Respond to the reviewer in a timely manner: Reaching out to individuals who have reviewed your business in a negative light is a great way to make up for any distress you may have caused them. Sure, you may get some negative people who are way out of their element with their comments, but you must address their concerns (after you’ve calmed down yourself) in a timely fashion and give your side of the story. When responding to any review it helps to be more apologetic then combative.

Get more reviews: You should always be encouraging your customers to leave reviews. Getting a handful of good reviews can actually help you dilute the negative ones and give you a respectable average overall. If you sell a product or service, it might be a good idea to ask your customers to leave a review.  Treating every customer like they will write a review will work to your benefit.

If all else fails and you can’t beat em, join em!

Dealing With Bad Online Reviews