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Comic Book Men Season 3 Casting

Comic Book Men Season 3 Casting Call

Attention fanboys and fangirls of New Jersey! Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men are back, and they want you to fill out the Comic Book Men Season 3 casting call application!

What is Comic Book Men?

AMC’s Comic Book Men, is a show rooted deep within geek culture. Taking place at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey, the series follows Stash staff and customers as they as they buy, sell and fanboy out over epic swag from the comic-book and pop culture realm.

The Comic Book Men staff include Walt, Mike, Ming, and Bryan who share the details of their Stash experiences with Kevin through their SModcasts. Comic Book Men is the perfect series for all types of fans of geek culture.

Why Apply? It’s The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

If you’re a geek like me, then this casting call is certainly the opportunity of a lifetime. I was lucky enough to participate in one episode last season and it was absolutely fantastic!

In season 2, episode 7 entitled “Tough Sh*t” I can be seen standing in line to meet Kevin for his book signing. (If you haven’t seen the episode – seriously watch it.)

Kevin Smith Signing - Robert Catalano

Kevin Smith Signing - Robert Catalano 2

While waiting in line, I met Jason Mewes who was doing his part “securing the line” in the episode. Unfortunately AMC couldn’t air half the things he was doing and saying to the crowd. He was hysterical!

Ming also took a couple of pictures of the line, and posted them to Kevin’s instagram. I’m not going to lie, seeing yourself on Kevin’s instagram was pretty epic in itself.

Kevin Smith Signing - Robert Catalano 3 Kevin Smith Signing - Robert Catalano 4

After hours of waiting, I finally made into the Stash. Walt stood at the counter with Bryan hanging out and selling Kevin’s book and other Stash memorabilia. I exchanged a couple words with them about the show, and headed to the book signing line.

It was finally it was my time to meet Kevin Smith in person, and he was honestly one of the most down to earth dudes I’ve ever met. This was no simple meet and greet. It was a legit, hey let’s shoot the sh*t for 20 minutes kind of deal – and yes he did this with every single person, and it was amazing.

We talked about the show, his past movies, and the progress on Clerks 3. (Still waiting on that call to be an extra in the movie Kevin.) Of course My picture with Kevin wouldn’t be complete without a photobomb from Mike in the background.

Kevin Smith and Robert Catalano

To say the least, my experience with the Comic Book Men was definitely a memorable one. Now with season 3 on the horizon, it’s possible you can have a similar experience!

If want to the opportunity to be on TV and would like to buy or sell any of your fun, valuable or unique items pertaining to comic books or pop culture at Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Shop, I suggest you apply for this casting call now!