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Branding Yourself With Social Media

Branding Yourself With Social Media

Social media has a tremendous amount of power to showcase who you are online. If you are looking to build your brand online, you’re going to need to understand how social media works, and how all the different social networks come together to represent who you are. You must also be consistent across each of your social media networks to effectively communicate the brand you are trying to build for yourself.

Below are the four major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, & Google+), along with some tips to keep in mind when branding yourself with social media.

Branding Yourself with Social Media


  • Brand yourself by using a cover photo that showcases your personality.
  • Always keep your work and education information up to date and relevant.
  • Post milestones and accomplishments that will enhance your image.
  • Review your privacy settings and hide information that you would consider unfavorable.


  • Twitter allows you to share micro-updates with your followers in 140 characters or less, don’t get carried away!
  • Use this network to share content about your interests, and interact with others that have similar interests.
  • Join conversations relevant to your interests, and who you want to be associated with.


  • This social network is more business oriented, therefore your profile should portray a sense of professionalism.
  • Join and follow groups that are relevant to your interests, and professional industry.
  • Connect with other professionals to build your professional network.


  • Google+ will allow you to regulate who sees your posts by adding them to specific circles.
  • Content you share on Google+ shows up on Google search results so be mindful and positive!
  • Keep your profile updated, and full of keywords you want to be know for. (in my case one keyword would be Social Media Professional for example)

Once all of your networks are working in unison to represent who are online accurately – you are effectively branding yourself with social media!