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Blonde Nerd

I decided that once in a while I am going to start blogging about some of the geeky guys and gals I interact with on the interwebs daily. With that being said, this blog will highlight one my favorite fangirls on social media, Brittney Brombacher from

I started following Brittney on Twitter about a year ago, when she asked me for a pic…
(relax it’s rated G, for “geek” obviously)

Blonde Nerd Tweets

FACT: So on Twitter there are two things that will warrant an automatic follow from me:

  1. If you’re a girl with a legit passion for gaming.
  2. If you’re a girl with a legit passion for gaming.

After a couple minutes of browsing her profile/website, it would soon be revealed to me that this gal was a legit GAMER, and eventually become one my favorite people to follow on Twitter.

What sold me on her passion for gaming, was her website. Brittany’s website – is actually a lot of fun to read. She has a very entertaining style of writing in which she blogs about her latest gaming endeavors, gaming industry news, comics, zombies, video game memes, and of course my favorite type of posts – videos of her attractive woman cave (again, relax).

Besides her geek nature, what also impressed me about Brittney is how she handles social media. She is constantly interacting, and engaging with others. If you’ve been reading my social media blogs, consistent engagement is the ultimate recipe for social media success. And with over 20,000 fans on her blondenerd facebook page she proves just that.

Anyway, whether you’re into The Legend of Zelda, or Allistair’s pants (well, that escalated quickly) Brittney is your go to gal for all sorts of geeky shenanigans. Go ahead and check out this blonde nerd!