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Best Practices for Twitter Business Accounts

Best Practices for Twitter Business Accounts

Twitter can give your business the opportunity to quickly share information with people who are interested in your products and services. It’s also a great tool for gathering real-time analytics, monitoring feedback, and building relationships with customers, partners and influential people in your industry.

Twitter is one of the best social networks that can help your business increase brand recognition, deal with customer service issues, or even make direct sales by reaching an actively engaged audience.

Start building a greater following, with increased brand awareness and customer loyalty today by following these best practices for Twitter business accounts.

Tweet About Yourself: Allow your customers to learn about who you are and what you do by sharing photos about your business. This can be pictures of your staff, upcoming products or projects, your office or warehouse, etc…

Tweet With Open Eyes: Make sure you’re paying close attention to what is being said about your company, brand, products or services. Don’t get caught up in only paying attention to what you are tweeting.

Tweet Questions: A great way to learn about your audience is by asking them directly. Tweet questions that will be help you understand the needs of your customers.

Tweet Back: Respond to people that mention you in their tweets in a timely manner.

Tweet Goodies: People love special offers, discounts and deals. If your business is offering some sort of promotion, make sure your followers know about it.

Tweet Industry Information: Tweeting links that relate to your industry, demonstrate a sense of leadership in your field. This is a great habit to practice, especially if you are looking to get more followers.

Retweet: Give your followers and customers some recognition by retweeting some of their tweets! Everybody loves a little shout-out once in a while. It will show them that you care!