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Best Practices for Pinterest

Best Practices for Pinterest

If you’re a Pinterest user, you know how easy it is to get carried away pinning all sorts of things. But Pinterest is just like any social network and there are rules that you should adhere to – especially if you want to continue branding yourself with social media in a positive light. The following practices will keep your image in good standing within the Pinterest community.

Best Practices for Pinterest

Plan Ahead
Think about the message you want to be sending on Pinterest before you actually start pinning.

Optimize Your Pinterest Page/Boards
Remember to fill out your profile completely including your website, Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as a description. Search engines like Google are indexing Pinterest boards so it is crucial that you add specific keywords in your descriptions and organize your boards properly.

Stop Talking About Yourself
Reduce the amount of pins that are only self-promoting in nature as it will look like spam to other pinners.

Pin Where the Pinners are
Some of the more popular boards on Pinterest are home decor, fashion, quotes, and humor. Find a way to connect your message into categories that are already popular on Pinterest.

Cross Promote With Caution
It’s ok if you share your pins on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t share every single one! When cross promoting, try to share your most interesting pins that you believe others will share.

Connect More
Re-pining is nice, but you should also be commenting and liking other pins from Pinterest users to keep the conversation flowing.

Provide Sources to Your Pins
Always pin directly from the source, and credit them in the caption.

Pin Quality Over Quantity
Sometimes less is actually more. Over-pinning can be detrimental to your image, and overall message. Pin content that is shareable.