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Awesome Video Game Comic Book Cover Mashups

Rusty Shackles is a very talented artist who beautifully merges videos games and comics together in the form of epic comic book covers. Essentially he’s been taking the comic book covers of old and re-imagining them with the popular video game characters of today. Check out some of these awesome video game comic book cover mashups below, and be sure to check out his site for even more creative works!

“The Search For The Scion” – based off of Jumbo Comics #153 by Robert Webb.

Tomb Raider Comic Cover


“Fight to the FINISH” – based off of Daredevil #181 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.

Mortal Kombat Comic Cover


“The Ezio Saga” – based off of Spider-Man #1 by Todd McFarlane.

Assassin's Creed Comic Cover


“DARKSTALKERS” – based off of Vampirella #1 by Frank Frazetta.

Darkstalkers Comic Cover


“No Curaga For a Broken Heart” – based off of Girl’s Love #148 by Nick Cardy.

Final Fantasy VII Comic Cover


“Welcome to Rapture” – based off of Tales Of Suspense #39 by Kirby & Ayers.

BioShock Comic Cover