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Avoiding DM Spam on Twitter

Avoiding DM Spam on Twitter

Spam messages could possibly be the most annoying thing on Twitter. Not only are these messages bothersome they could also be harmful to your account. You are bound to receive spam messages at some point during your Twitter experience. When you receive a message containing a unfamiliar link do NOT OPEN open it! Treat it as you would any spam message and delete it!

You can also combat DM spam on Twitter by using the following tactics:

  • Choose a unique password. Always choose a password that will be hard to crack. The longer the password the more secure it is likely to be.
  • Report Spam messages. Use Twitter’s “Report Spam” feature when receiving spam DMs. Once you click the “report as spam” link on a user’s page, Twitter will block the user from following you or from replying to you.
  • Review the people you follow on Twitter. When you follow  random, unfamiliar accounts you run the risk of causing harm to your own account. Twitter is notorious for having many fake profiles/spam accounts. Make sure you follow real people, and not spam accounts.
  • Review your connected social networks. If your Twitter account is connected to your Facebook Page, it is possible that certain applications or services you use on Facebook could spam your Twitter account because they are linked. Remove any shady services or apps that you think could spam your Twitter account.

Use these tactics frequently to assist you in avoiding DM Spam on Twitter.