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Are You An Instagram Junkie

Are You An Instagram Junkie?

The digital photo sharing app Instagram has birthed a new type of social networking addiction personality, better known as the Instagram junkie. With the app’s addition of a video feature, the condition is only getting worse and showing no signs of stopping!

Are you an Instagram junkie? Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

  • Instagram is the first thing you check on your phone when you wake up.
  • Your iPhone or Android device is never too far from eye level at any given time of the day.
  • You suffer from bruises after walking into objects in an effort to get that “artistic” angle of a traffic sign.
  • You have a case of “slider thumb” as a result of scrolling through your Instagram feed all day.
  • Your body is permanently bent at a 25 degree angle to capture the perfect shot.
  • You keep track of other people’s likes, as well as your own as if it were a competition.
  • You have the inability to resist taking a picture of a plate of food, cute animal, or scenic landscape.
  • You are not satisfied with just one “selfie” picture.
  • You believe that taking pictures while driving is more important than driving itself.
  • You try every variation of the filters before posting it without any filter at all.
  • Proper hashtag etiquette is non-existent.
  • You believe there is no such thing as an ugly face on Instagram.
  • You know you’re already good-looking but you still need the likes of others to prove it.
  • You must post a picture whenever you go out to show others you are fun, and have a social life.
  • To satisfy your need to seem clever, funny or inspirational you post memes or deep quotes.