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About Robert Catalano

If this is your first visit to my website allow me to introduce myself! My name is a Robert Catalano, and I am a Social Media Professional living in New Jersey. This is my personal blog,, where I like to post about a variety of social media topics aimed at aiding small business and individuals with social media tips, tricks and knowledge as well as providing entertaining content for those who enjoy geek culture.

Isn’t Everybody a “Social Media Professional” Nowadays?

Well not everyone, but I totally am! I promise. After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Communication and Public Relations, the majority of my working life has been spent in the digital media and marketing field. For over five years I have held social media and marketing director positions for a diverse set of businesses. I have specialized experience in public, and social media relations, working with insurance agencies, independent film companies, non-profits as well as personal freelance work to help promote the brand of a company, product, or individual. Within these companies I have had great success creating and implementing successful social media campaigns and more.

And You’re Also a Geek?

Yes! I’m a HUGE fan of geek culture. This includes video games, anime, movies and more. I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember and now that I’ve grown into an adult – literally nothing has changed as far as my love for all things geeky.

Since 2008 I’ve attended numerous comic-book, video game and anime themed conventions across the United States, not only as an attendee but as a reporter, blogger, and even as a dealer!

Conventions I’ve Attended

Convention Location Year
 New York Comic Con  New York City, New York 2016
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2015
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2015
Atlantic City Boardwalk Con
Atlantic City, New Jersey 2015
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2014
Chiller Theatre Expo (Spring) Parsippany, New Jersey 2014
Pax East Boston, Massachusetts 2014
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2013
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2013
AnimeNEXT Somerset, New Jersey 2013
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2012
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2012
AnimeNEXT Somerset, New Jersey 2012
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2011
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2011
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2010
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2010
Anime Expo Los Angeles, California 2010
AnimeNEXT Somerset, New Jersey 2010
Anime Boston Boston, Massachusetts 2010
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2009
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2009
Otakon Baltimore, Maryland 2008
New York Comic Con New York City, New York 2008

Professional Experience

Wakefern Food Corp (July 2015 – Present)
Job Title: Social Media Specialist

Wakefern Food Corp. is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States.


United Way of Ocean County (
Job Title: Director of Marketing and Communications

United Way of Ocean County (UWOC) is an independent affiliate of United Way of America—an umbrella charity, with a strong history in our community. Our staff raises money through workplace campaigns, fundraising events, foundation grant submissions, and asking for gifts from local philanthropists. The money we raise in Ocean County is required to be spent on Ocean County residents.

My role as the Director of Marketing and Communications is to develop and coordinate organizational marketing and communication activities related to operations, resource development, community impact programs and special event activities. I am also responsible for:

-Developing and implementing the company’s marketing and communication plan.
-Managing public relations with press and media outlets.
-Negotiating and coordinating media sponsors for all events.
-Maintaining and updated all aspects of communication on social media, website, and print materials.
-Designing all marketing materials including sponsor packages, signage and ad journals.
-Creating and monitoring marketing reports and analysis.
-Providing leadership in the preparation and implementation of effective campaign plans and goals.


American Insurance Services Agency (
Job Title: Social Media and Marketing Director

American Insurance Services Agency is an independent insurance agency located in Clark, New Jersey. It is one of the largest independent agencies in the state, offering auto, home, business quotes and more from a variety of top rated insurance companies.

My role as the Social Media Director is to act as the online voice for the agency, as well develop marketing strategies to promote brand awareness, and drive in leads in a variety of ways. I am also responsible for:

-Creating and implementing the company’s social media strategy and policy.
-Managing, designing & producing website content for the company’s webpage.
-Generating website traffic/leads, and increasing brand awareness via Social Media and SEO practices.
-Updating and maintaining all of the company’s social media outlets.
-Facilitating, and creating blogging content on the company’s website everyday.
-Facilitating, and creating blogging content on company’s community blog everyday.
-Creating and designing the company’s e-mail marketing campaigns.
-Creating and editing promotional videos for the agency, and its local partners.
-Leading and directing a Social Media Team responsible for the company’s online look, image and presence.


New Jersey Agency Network (April 2011 – April 2014)
Job Title: Social Media and Marketing Director

New Jersey Agency Network was the first Master Agent of the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, the largest alliance of independent agencies in the United States and Canada. NJAN is dedicated to the creation, retention, and growth of independent insurance agents. Agencies that create an affiliation with NJAN and SIAA join a group of more than 4,400 agencies writing over $5 billion in premium.

My role as the Social Media Director is to produce marketing materials and promote online brand awareness for NJAN, while also catering to the network’s members needs. I am also responsible for:

-Creating, and designing the webpages for NJAN and the network’s members.
-Updating and maintaining all of NJAN’s social media outlets.
-Managing and updating the Facebook & Twitter pages for the network’s members.
-Creating and designing e-mail marketing campaigns for NJAN and the network’s members.
-Producing marketing materials for NJAN to recruit new members.
-Training and educating network members about e-mail marketing and social media.
-Creating and editing promotional/testimonial videos for NJAN.
-Assisting in planning, and participating in the NJAN’s quarterly, and annual convention meetings.
-Leading and directed a Social Media team responsible for NJAN’s online look, image and presence.