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3 Ways to Make Your YouTube Videos Easier to Find

3 Ways to Make Your YouTube Videos Easier to Find

Did you know that 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? If you rely on videos to market you or your business, don’t allow them to get lost in the mix!

Any video you create has the potential to be found on YouTube, and within search engines. In fact, many videos usually appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Utilizing YouTube videos could be the difference maker between you and your competitors so it’s important for your videos to rise above the rest.

Page views, subscribers, comments and likes all contribute to the visibility of the videos you create. So how do you drive an audience to your videos? Easy – make them as easy to find as possible. There are a couple things you can right now to make your YouTube videos easier to find.

3 Ways to Make Your YouTube Videos Easier to Find

  • Video Title: Make sure the title of your video includes keywords that your audience is searching for. This will allow users to find your videos more easily. Another idea to add a “second title” to you video. In reality what you are actually doing is adding a colon after your key-worded title and adding insight. For example, if you created a video about learning the fundamentals of Facebook it might look something like this: “Facebook 101: Understanding the Social Network.”
  • Video Description: When describing your video, be as detailed, as possible. This will help you get found more easily by people searching YouTube for your type of content. Also if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, always start the description of your video the full URL to your blog or website!
  • Video Tags: Tag your video with any and all keywords that relate to your video. They will not only help your video get found, they are also the easiest optimizing factor to control.