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3 Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter

3 Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter

Let’s face it, many people love when they’re the center of attention – especially when it comes to Twitter. In the Twitterverse, the equation: more followers = more attention holds some truth to this thought.

Are you one of those people looking for a little more attention? Do you want to know the secret to gaining more followers on your own twitter account? Here are 3 ways how I increased my own Twitter following, using tweets of my own as examples!

3 Ways to Gain More Followers on Twitter

1. Engaging With Others Directly

What I Tweeted: @LisaSalesMWT Have you started breaking bad!?”
Why You Should Tweet More Like This: When was the last time you had an insightful conversation with someone who just talked about themselves? You probably haven’t. On Twitter, people are more prone to follow and respond to you if interact with them. Engaging with others in direct conversation, is a great way to not only start a great discussion but create a larger following.

2. Tweeting to Inform, or Entertain

What I Tweeted: “What Miley Cyrus reminded me of at the #MTVVMAs”
Why You Should Tweet More Like This: With only so many characters to work with on Twitter, the content that you tweet matters. Tweeting about content that informs or entertains users, especially when a specific topic is trending, will likely attract quite a bit of attention and lead to more followers.

3. Showcasing Intelligence

What I Tweeted: “I have to expand my palate for craft beers – any recommendations? #BeerMe
Why You Should Tweet More Like This:  It should go without saying that using proper grammar, and an expanded vocabulary on any social network is important. Using words like “wut” (what”), “c” (see), “doe” (though) will seem as if you have a drastically low IQ. Unless your plan is to make your tweets look like a middle schooler’s texts, you can forget about gaining a serious following.